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The #1 way to overcome sales objections.

As sales professionals, we are used to hearing objections.

It is normal.

Part of the profession we signed up for.

Many times, our future client will simply bring objections up to appear more intelligent than they actually are (we all have our mental gremlins!)

And sometimes they have a limiting belief of their own success in their current role.

Sometimes, they don’t always want to give you the sale straight away, even though they may be itching to sign you/your company up!

Their technique is to throw out objections.

And sometimes, they will have genuine blind spots….which we have mutually unconsciously agreed to term “objections”.

But they are merely blind spots. And as sales professionals, our job is to help our future client see.

How we respond to these real or perceived objections is everything!

  • If you act defensively, you lose them.

  • If you act offensively, you lose them,

Let me get specific.

Tactics and especially sales tactics, come and go.

Concepts are timeless.

Typically, our client's objections will fall into two categories:

  1. Our clients limiting belief in their own ability/success

  2. A limiting belief in your product/service/company/you

For both types of objections, your greatest human tool here is empathy.

How you relate to people is EVERYTHING.

And the best way I know to relate to people is to let them know you are just like them, in a genuine, authentic way.

If you cannot find an authentic way to relate to them….do not attempt to do so….it will appear like you are technique-ing your potential client and nobody likes to feel like they are being technique'd.

(There is a different tool I recommend in these instances- see end of page).

Remember, people do not care about you or your product/service, or your company for that matter…..they care about your story.

So what is the number 1 go-to-response I have found to be most successful in overcoming future clients objections?

  • The Triple F Method.




It authentically and absolutely works with the concept of empathy.

So the next time a future client throws up an objection, I invite you to respond with your own rehearsed & authentic variation of the following:

-I know how you feel….

-I have felt the same way…… (repeat the feeling with YOUR story)

-And here’s what I found …….(when you started using product/service x or joined the company or started your own business, etc…...insert an experiential success story that demonstrates this change of mindset and enhanced life as a result)

Number 1 objection my clients tell me that their clients tell them:

“I don’t have the budget/money”

I still get a chill down my back, when I hear some sales professionals, in response to the above objection, use the "old-school" technique of

“Hey, do you get a latte/cup of coffee on the way to work every day, come on……...Man...... this is less than a cup of coffee a day…….

Do this and you will lose your future client.

Instead and for example purposes only, say something along the lines of:

-”I know how you feel.

-I too could not afford to go away on holiday for a few years while starting my own business and I know it made me feel really bad and paradoxically, as a result of not going away, my energy levels were a lot lower than they ever were.

-But when I finally said ENOUGH. When I stopped tolerating NOT going away at least once a year, I knew I would find a way to make it happen. And I did…..somehow I found a way. I now make it a MUST: at least one sun holiday a year to recalibrate and as a result, my business, my life and my health have all soared.

-Let me ask you, if you really felt like there was a way to (insert solution), do you think you could find a way to make that happen?”

9/10, they would agree and now you have just cleared their objection and you both mutually step into solutionizing on how to actually make it happen!

I would love to hear if you use the Triple F method or a variation of it and how you have found success with it?

Also, if you want a free copy of my "7 spiritual laws of sales success", simply fill out the message part on my website:

Also, if you want to receive the alternative method to use when you don’t have a truly authentic FEEL-FELT-FOUND story, please do not hesitate to email me at or by completing the message form on my website.

Don’t forget to mention what your product/service/offering is and your number 1 objection and I will personally email you back a successful Triple F alternative response for you!

May you become the happiest, wealthiest, most fulfilled sales warrior you know,



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