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The Story

I help people sell.

My mission is to equip you with authentic, evidence based & actionable sales strategies,

so your ideal customers

will know, love & trust you enough, to repeatedly buy from you.

Welcome to the Evolutionary new era of sales in the 4th Industrial Revolution:

Where Compassion is your Competitive Advantage.


Where Sales is Not a dirty word!

"Orla is the new spiritual game changer, when it comes to the new era of Human2Human Sales."  -Max Altschuler,  CEO Saleshacker.

“Orla helped resuscitate our sales approach and as a result our sales trajectory has been up and to the right ever since”

-Gerard Forde, CEO Bizimply (Websummit Start up of the Year 2015)

"Orla has been instrumental in building an improved culture across our Worldwide sales team. Our aim in working with Orla was to 3X our current sales conversion rates. We not only achieved this but excelled further thanks to her end-to-end playbook & sales processes, that we can build on for years to come."   - Maurice Shiels, Director of Sales, Topflight.

Is it time for you to learn the authentic & actionable inner & outer strategies to become the happiest, wealthiest, most fulfilled sales warrior you know.

I have worked in corporate sales for over 15 years, building & leading successful International sales teams for pre & post IPO Technology companies. 

My passion is sales and igniting the fire within people to help them fall in love with the  greatest profession on earth!

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